Since 01/01/2016 the format of all ELP examinations has been changed: besides an interview where we talk about aviation related matters, the authority now also requires us to test your knowledge and correct use of the aviation radio communication phraseology.

We will test this :

1. Firstly by a theoretical multiple choice questionnaire of 20 questions: that can be for VFR operation, or for IFR operations (if you have an IR rating).

The minimum score to be pass this test is 75%.

2. Secondly by a practical radiotelephony test where you will be presented a VFR (or IFR) scenario flight, and where you are the pilot and the assessor will act as Air Traffic Control, similar to a real flight but this time around the table.

In order to achieve the best result, we recommend you to freshen up your theoretical and practical knowledge of the radiotelephony prior the test. Following publications/tools can be helpfull:

The European General Aviation Safety Team (EGAST) brochure: ‘Radiotelephony guide for VFR pilots’ which can be downloaded from following link:

The trainer cannot be your examiner.

Our examiners, trainers can come to you, you can take the exam, training in your city.